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Yes 2 Inbound Marketing: The Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses

In today’s hyper-competitive online market, where technology and social media have given unprecedented power and market awareness to customers, businesses (especially small ones) need to find new and cost-effective ways to engage their targeted audience

Offline marketing strategies such as direct sales, trade shows, print advertising, as well as outdated online strategies like ads over page content, splash screens, and traditional pop-ups/unders are now considered to be ineffective, even counterproductive. 

On the contrary, the innovative inbound marketing methodology explained in this article will help your sales team to reach more qualified leads with less effort and at lower costs. 

What are inbound marketing strategies? And, most importantly, why are they so effective? Let’s find out.

Inbound Marketing Strategies: “Pull” Rather than “Push”

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts and engages customers, and prospects by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. The ultimate goal of inbound marketing is to drive more targeted and qualified traffic to your website and social media page by earning people’s interest rather than buying it. 

Therefore, inbound marketing consists of a combination of specific tactics including promotion through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), great content marketing, and optimal use of social media to make you stand out within a hyper-competitive market. Let’s find out more about the most effective inbound marketing activities

  • Content Creation and Online Sharing: Engaging content is key in inbound marketing. With constant blogging and social networking, you can regularly and continuously share posts to drive prospective customers to you and increase awareness of your brand, products, and services. The creation of meaningful information is important to promote your brand, but the build-up of a virtual community around your business is essential to reach more Marketing Qualified Leads and to grow constantly.

  • Effective Landing Pages and Email Drip Campaigns: Professional-looking and engaging landing pages, that are pages where customers “land” after clicking on a link in an email or an ad from Google, Facebook, or Instagram, are essential for marketing conversion (like a subscription, signup or a purchase). Plus, once you have converted visitors into customers, email marketing, and marketing automation/lead nurturing are used to deliver the right information with the right timing and to stay connected with your community of customers. This is why email drip campaigns will help you create personalized, interactive, and meaningful customer experiences. 

  • Website and Social Media Page Optimization with SEO Strategy: With Search Engine Optimization strategies you can build your authority in search and rank for the topics that matter the most to your prospects. An SEO strategy will require you to target specific and popular keywords and phrases related to your products or services when publishing your content. By doing so, you will improve your performance in search and enhance your online visibility, so that you will be found more easily by qualified leads on the web.

These and more inbound marketing tools and tactics will help you to develop your business fast and effectively. But more specifically, why is inbound marketing particularly recommended for small and emerging businesses

Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses and Start-Ups: Make Your Customer Base Grow With You

Marketing is a huge challenge for small businesses and start-ups with no established customer base or community around them. Plus, it can be expensive and time-consuming, and it might ultimately fail to lead to more sales and revenues.

That’s why emerging businesses with still limited traffic, money, and resources should avoid opting for conventional sales and traditional marketing and prefer, instead, inbound marketing strategies. Here are some benefits that small businesses can derive from choosing inbound marketing tools and tactics over conventional ones: 

  • Inbound Marketing is Cost-Effective: Starting and keeping a blog or a page on social media, together with creating a website, are much cheaper marketing strategies than investing in traditional marketing efforts like commercials or print ads. Such outdated methods are much more expensive and, more often than not, fail to reach your audience in today’s online market.

  • Inbound Marketing Creates a Hub of Interested Qualified Leads: By increasing your website traffic, your new business will get the attention of customers who will seek you out when they need your products and services. In this way, inbound marketing strategies will bring more qualified leads to you and it will be much easier for your sales team to convert them into affectionate customers without any waste of time and resources.

  • Inbound Marketing Provides Evergreen Marketing Content: Thanks to your website, blog, or social media profile, you will be able to share marketing content of different sorts that will always look brand new and updated, just like your business. Unlike other marketing strategies and traditional promotions, inbound tools will allow you to publish well-crafted evergreen content, always relevant and spot on. 

  • Inbound Marketing Creates Long-Lasting Relationships With Your Customers: Not only does inbound marketing aim to attract more qualified traffic to your business, but it also builds long-lasting and personalized relationships with your clients and keeps them connected with you. This is key to small businesses and start-ups that need to develop and grow by consolidating their position in the market. Thanks to inbound marketing strategies, constant growth can easily be achieved. 

If you’re a small business owner or a young entrepreneur, don’t be intimidated by today’s market and its difficulties! With the help of innovative inbound marketing strategies and tools, you will make your customers, sales and revenues grow easily, cheaply, and fast.